Some PC98 Vector Set 4

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PLEASE NOTE! There are games from Team KuSoGe here.
As per that Team's request you are warned that these games are definitely "KusoGe-"

This is Radio Retro in conversation with Delicious :-

RR: Delicious, what does that mean?
Delicious: The term "くそ(糞)" means crap in English. The term "ゲーム" means game.
Delicious: The romanized spelling of "くそ" is "Kuso",and "ゲーム" is "Ge-mu". "Ge-" is the abbreviation for "Ge-mu"
Delicious: So "KuSoGe-" means a junk game.
RR: You are too polite - it means a crap game.