PC98 Curiosities 1

Download PC-88 Pack

Download CP/M Pack

Emulation on emulation. Firstly, PC-88 emulation on the PC98. I am not sure how successful this is
but there are 3 of the ones I did just to see if it would work, which it sort of did. Best on Anex.

Then, CP/M. If any of you were around in the days of CP/M you will remember it as non-graphical.
But there were 2 text action games that were highly addictive and quite famous in the world of CP/M -
Catchum, a Pacman type game, and Ladder, a kind of platform game, both done in text.
Amazingly the one CP/M emulator I found on Vector by default uses a Microbee terminal
and I had versions of these games set up to run on a Microbee terminal.
They play very well on Neko, but you must drop the clock to 4 or 6 MHz for them to be playable.
Take a trip back to 1982 and see if you can play them.